Armenian Guerrilla Fighters (1895) print


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The figures in this print are from a famous old photograph of Armenian guerrilla fighters who opposed Ottoman soldiers during the Hamidian massacres, 1895. The woman on the right is known to be Eghisapet Sultanian, the other woman is unidentified.

The poem is by Shushanik Kurghinian (1876 – 1927) who is considered one of the founders of feminist and proletarian literature in the Armenian language. She viewed her work as giving a voice to the voiceless.

Letterpress, relief and two layer screen print.

20% of the proceeds from this print are being donated to Left Resistance, a coalition of grassroots movements in Armenia. Sev Bibar, Femlibrary, The Armenian Environmental Front and The Guild of Matenaradan recently joined forces to create the “Left Resistance”, which aims to strengthen their intersectional struggles and expand spaces of resistance.

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