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As much of the world looked on, Armenians had their indigenous lands taken from them by the dictatorial state of Azerbaijan backed by the genocidal state of Turkey (armed by the imperialist states of Israel and the U.S.). This is the most displacement and loss of land since the genocide of 1915. There are now over 110,000 refugees from Artsakh fleeing to Armenia and are in need of urgent support. 100% of the proceeds of this print go to provide support to refugees through Amplify Armenia working in conjunction with the youth organization United Student Council of Armenia who have been working around the clock on the ground in Armenia providing direct aid to individuals and families in need.

I have personally signed up to sponsor a family through the Artsakh Relocation Project too. If you have the ability to make a one-time donation or sponsor a family yourself they can be reached on instagram at @artsakh.relocation.project

Four color screen print on Stonehenge paper

This piece is of a poppy, a national symbol with many varieties being native to the ancestral lands of Armenia, with the colors of the flag of Armenia & Artsakh. I made the original illustration of this poppy years ago, and it was bordered by encircling wolves. At the time it was an ode to ancestors – the poppy for my Nana on my mother’s side, the wolves for my grandfather on my father’s side who introduced me to my life-long love of the creatures when I was very small. With the rise of the ultra-nationalist and fascist group “the Grey Wolves” who recently became notorious for organizing “Hunt for Armenians” marches in France and for vandalizing the Armenian Genocide memorial outside Lyon with their own slogans and references to Turkish President Erdogan, the feeling when looking at the piece had changed. Please continue to speak up, educate, organize and donate.

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