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Decolonization is not a metaphor, it’s an action. Listen to, amplify and support (physically, monetarily, however you can substantially) indigenous peoples world wide and their struggles for self-determination, right of return, stewardship of ancestral lands, freedom to practice customs and speak mother-tongues, and to cultivate autonomous lives of joy and dignity.

Of course this small list is not all-inclusive.

Broadside letterpress print

1/2 the proceeds go to the Center for the Study and Preservation of Palestine and their ongoing projects. Starting back up in spring the CSPP will continue their Care Camel program bringing water to the Warm Springs Reservation. It is currently on pause for the winter. From the CSPP:

“The People of Warm Springs remain in a water crisis. They suffer this crisis at the hands of colonial and capitalist oppression and climate change….. The CSPP will always shuttle water to the Warm Springs reservation as funds are available, this a permanent mutual aid program that connects Palestinians and Indigenous people of this land through mutual service , wisdom sharing and active solidarity…….As Palestinians we understand how settler colonialism will always function to dispossess and marginalize Indigenous populations and exploit their lands. We Palestinians will always stand in active service of all disenfranchised Indigenous people… us keep this program going.”


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