Fruit of Liberation print


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The seeds of our resistance will be the fruit of our liberation.

-from the people of the pomegranate, to the people of the olive tree, we are the land.

Solidarity is not conditional. We need a collective struggle of transnational liberation for all occupied + oppressed people. At a recent workshop on building a propaganda praxis a question that was brought up was “where to start?” We start where we stand, we start with the land.

“people of the earth not only belong to land, they/we ARE the land. This power is so embodied & seamless it cannot be erased unless these bodies are removed all together.” -Layla @riverroseremembrance

It is our task to create a relationship with the land, and so with each other. We organize at the speed of trust. We can uncover long entangled roots of history, or we can plant new seedlings of resistance.

Armenians have been in Palestine for 1,600 years. Ceramics & art has permeated from the Armenian quarter marking the culture. Palestine welcomed survivors of the Armenian genocide. Jordanian military commander Abdullah al-Tal stated in his journal that Armenians saw themselves as Arabs during the 1948 war, that they “drank from the same cup as Palestinians did.” Their numbers dwindled to 1-2 thousand from over 25,000 before the Nakba. Armenian + Palestinian revolutionaries trained & fought together in the 1970s & 1980s. The struggle continues. “Mourning is eternal if there is no struggle.”


Two color risograph print

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