Intersectional Struggle print


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Intersectionality is the concept that all oppression is linked. Intersectionality is the acknowledgement that everyone has their own unique experiences of discrimination, oppression and privileges and we must consider all of it if we are to be free. The term intersectionality was coined by black feminist scholar Kimberlé Crenshawin in 1989. Our struggles are interwoven and we are stronger when we fight together.

“There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” ― Audre Lorde (Sister Outsider)

Relief print.
This print uses the symbol of the Armenian Arevakhach, or solar cross, which means eternity, as well as a nod to the symbol of the ouroboros, another ancient symbol of renewal, the serpent being a symbol of protection in ancient Armenia. 

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Dimensions 9 × 12 in