Mystery Misprint Grab Bag


noun – a mistake in printing, as an instance of printing a letter or word other than that intended.

Printing by hand, rather than having items mechanically printed in an industrial setting, often leads to small amounts of items with defects. I’m offering these prints and patches at very reduced prices because there is still a value and beauty in them, but they don’t reach the standards of what I would normally offer. These mistakes can include over or under printing (too much or too little ink), smudge marks, off-registration, or, in the case of printing on reclaimed fabrics, not enough contrast between the image printed and the fabric used. Celebrate the imperfect!

1/2 of the proceeds from these misprint grab bags will be donated to a different mutual-aid project or grassroots organization on a revolving basis.

Donations are currently being made to Lebanon Needs – a nonprofit organization providing medications and health support to those who need it most in Lebanon.


Weight 4 oz
Grab Bag Type

3 Patches, 5 Patches, 3 Prints on Paper, 5 Prints on Paper