Noor shirt


“Cut my branches, burn my leaves, but you’ll never touch my roots.”

Pomegranate – Noor (Նուռ) in Armenian

Pomegranates have an ancient legacy full of  importance in Armenian culture representing the tree of life, fertility, good fortune, protection from the evil eye and much more. For me, pomegranates with all their seeds, embody the idea of the whole being made up of many; of solidarity- that we are all we really have.

I had seen this phrase repeated on posters and in articles anonymously surrounding the day of remembrance for the Armenian Genocide on April 24th for years. It wasn’t until recently that I can now cite the author of the quote as Vaché Thomassian in HAYTOUG: The Official Publication of the Armenian Youth Federation.

Hand screen printed on dusty pink 100% cotton shirts made in the states. Since these are hand printed slight variations occur.

Weight 6 oz

Unisex 2XL, Unisex XS, Unisex S, Unisex M, Unisex L, Unisex XL