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Remember / Resist (Armenian: յիշել / դիմադրել | Arabic: ​​تذكر / قاوم)

Digital reproduction print

Original piece showed at Dimensions: a SWANA artist’s showcase at the CSPP, June 2023

Entangled Roots Press and Bint Bandora combine elements of each of their ancestral backgrounds in this collaborative piece. Entangled Roots Press brings in the Armenian imagery, while Bint Bandora brings in the Palestinian side.

The left side (dyed with walnut) features an illustration of hands creating Armenian needle lace or “janyak”, while the right side (dyed with rosemary) features an illustration of hands creating Palestinian cross-stitch embroidery or “tatreez”.

The top of the tapestry highlights more tatreez elements, both screen printed and hand stitched. The row of yellow screen printed tatreez motif is known as “Tareeq el-Njum” in Arabic, which translates to “Road of Stars”. The top-central, tatreez patch motif is known as “Najma al-Khalil” in Arabic, or “Star of Hebron”. For Palestinians, stars represent generosity, and maintain protective power. Repetition of stars also symbolizes hospitality and good luck. The lined, red border surrounding the patch’s central star motif is known as “Border of Shawl (ghudfa)” and was used on every-day wear shawls and head coverings.

The bottom of the tapestry features a row of yellow, screen printed Armenian needle lace, as well as a hand stitched bottom edging in red. This particular motif is known as “Arshalouys” which translates to “Sunrise” or more specifically “The light of the morning.” This needlelace includes the use of the Masis pattern (the traditional Armenian name for Mt. Ararat) and the sun. Symbolism of the sun still plays a significant role in Armenian culture, calling back to the centuries old practice of sun worship.

Both artists have recently dived into the remembrance and resistance of their perspective ancestral crafts. To remember through study, research, and building relationships with others practicing these heirloom, but still evolving, crafts. To resist by reclamation, education and weaving together our shared struggles for dignity, joy and beauty in the face of ethnic cleansing, appropriation and erasure.


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