Same Root sticker


Our liberation is interwoven. Recognizing and understanding that oppression and apathy have the same root will allow all of us to bloom. Genocide apathy, pandemic apathy, climate apathy all have the same root. Genocide, pandemic and climate apathy are all tools of white supremacy that support ethnic cleansing, racism, eugenics and lacks climate emergency awareness, disability justice and a liberation praxis.  It’s difficult to recognize fascism since we often believe it will appear selling tyranny, while in reality it arrives selling normalcy, comfort and convenience. When we sacrifice comforts that uphold unjust and oppressive systems it may feel like we are losing something, but in reality we are creating more space to connect with each other, the land and another world. Another world is possible.


“During the coming period, our primary job will be to build community, to create community … in ways that allow us to understand that the work that we do now does matter, even if we cannot see in an immediate sense the consequences of the work we are doing. It will matter eventually.” -Angela Davis

Original risograph print HERE

3″ x 3.75″ vinyl UV laminate

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3.75 × 3 in

1, 5, 10, 20