101 Guide To Palestine Solidarity Organizing – A Promise Not A Statement free printable download


* This zine and the text below were written by a friend. I am hosting and selling the zine on their behalf *

WELCOME TO YOUR FREE COPY OF “A PROMISE NOT A STATEMENT!”. This a copyleft printable grayscale PDF that you are more than distribute it far and wide. You are invited to print this zine, but not for commercial purposes. This means that you can ask for donations to cover your printing costs. If you are raising money DIRECTLY for PALESTINIANS you are welcome to contact us (insta @impinsandimneedles or contact Ali on this page) about selling the zine. We love working with info-shops, mutual aid projects and rad folx in general.

Thank you EVERYONE who helped make it possible for us to offer this zine for free distribution AND pay the Palestinian and SWANA involved folx for their labor (stop asking us to do free labor for y’all-with love) by paying a color copy of the 1st EDITION. We have paid all of the folx who contributed labor to this effort a living wage, because everyone involved is an organizer already doing what our people always do: tireless organizing and free labor.


For the last 5 months the question on a lot of folx’ mind seems to be: how can I support the Palestinian Liberation Struggle? The simple answer: JOIN it!

This zine was born out of the frustrations of Palestinians and organizers of how ineffective the efforts for stopping The Gaza Genocide have been in the west. As often happens, people’s passion has not always materialized as real tangible change, or even care, thoughtfulness and moving our struggle forward. If after five months into this latest iteration of this 100-year war and 75-year genocide, you’re still wondering what to do (instead of calling your genocidal representatives) and how to do it, this small guide can support you in joining OUR MOVEMENT.

The actions in this zine are things we could have and should have been doing on October 8th 2023 and they are applicable to many other struggles as well. These are simple, legal, and effective ways to join the movement and help frame your actions for a Free Palestine. It’s a guide to get you started, and continue to reorient your efforts towards centering Palestine and Palestinians effectively and unapologetically.

This is a 1st edition of this zine. If necessary we will at some point update it and create a 2nd edition as the struggle evolves.




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