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FLOOD: Print Propaganda in Practice is a resource for aspiring propagandists. A collaboration between Rimona Eskayo, Sheyam Ghieth, and Entangled Roots Press, the zine contains a series of short essays organized around three central themes: WORDS, IMAGES, and DISSEMINATION. When unfolded, the zine includes an interior poster that invites readers to write, draw, and consider: “How will you flood empires? How will you germinate seeds of liberation?”

Alongside the zine, the publication also includes a print insert, FLOOD: Questions For Propagandists, a collection of critical questions every propagandist should consider before creating new work for our movements. FLOOD also includes an accompanying political poster, FLOOD EMPIRES, WATER SEEDS, the artists’ collaborative imagining of the central prompt of the work — inviting you (yes, you!) to become a drop in the flood of Palestinian resistance.

Finally, the publication includes a digital resource (find here or via the zine’s QR code) to a list of free and open-source software, must-read books, how-to guides, and other essential resources for building a propaganda practice.

Funded by and created at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in December 2023, FLOOD was released by the artists at an artist talk and open studio community event. Inviting the public into their respective propaganda practices, Rimona Eskayo, Sheyam Ghieth, and Entangled Roots Press presented an artist talk and Q+A for the publication, guiding participants through a variety print mediums and and zine forms to make their own propaganda. By the end of the night, everyone got the chance to pull a screenprint, use the risograph, and try out some zine folding techniques!

FLOOD connects global peoples’ struggles and serves as a resource to heed the call of Palestinians to flood the streets, the internet, and the world and sew seeds of liberation. Free Palestine. And free to print and share, always.