Ancient Fires // Future Waters zine


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Ancient Fires // Future Waters: Reclaiming Ancient Armenian Rituals

Kamee and I joined forces to investigate, collect, and engage with pre-Christian holidays and practices. We’ve been brewing this up for almost five years. It started because we wanted to celebrate holidays together in ways that were informed by our shared lineage. We had a feeling that some of those “ways” had historical roots that reached further back than Christianity. We remembered how they often built churches on top of pagan temples. It wasn’t much different in the case of commemorative and celebratory rituals. And so here it is, a much anticipated labor of love, born out of a collaboration and friendship that continues to grow and generate art and knowledge across time and space. We hope you love it and learn from it as we did! We made this so others can use it with their loved ones, families and communities.

Hand screen printed cover
Risograph printed pages
Illustrations originally pen and ink
Hand bound with linen thread

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 8.5 in