Looking at the Cup sticker


The relief print this sticker is of was created for the Solstice Issue 1. of Folklore for Resistance, a group exploring the ways our shared inheritance of folklore and folk knowledge provides the tools for resistance and liberation.
Above all this piece is inspired by and dedicated to one of my dear friends, Kamee Abrahamian. Kamee is, in their own words, “a queer-feminist caregiver and interdisciplinary creative-writer-curator-performer-producer-facilitator.” They have enriched much of my cultural understanding of our inherited history through ritual, knowledge-sharing, story-telling and collective creation. Our weaving of roots has taken many forms, but some of my most tender memories have been conversations over cups of soorj (Armenian coffee).
Tasseography (the study of reading coffee grounds) is a cultural practice that Armenian women have used for hundreds of years to speak among and to each other, a coded language to open up conversations, to build inter-relatedness and weave connections.

Weight 1 oz

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